Harmful Effects of Birds Droppings
Bird droppings on car

Harmful Effects of Birds Droppings

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Whenever you take your car out of the garage, it is exposed to some of the hazards that may damage the paint and the outer body of your car. The most common issues are acid rain, battery acid, road stone, and insects. However, one hazard that is harmful and messy is birds dropping. Every time bird droppings fall on your car, they bring some negative effects with them. Therefore, it is better to install steel carports or aluminum carport for the protection of your car. The right carport design will offer sufficient protection to your beloved ride. Let’s have a look at some of the damages which bird dropping does to your car:

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Discolor the paint due to a birds dropping….

Birds dropping can discolor the paint of your car due to the uric acid content that is present in it. If it remains on the car body, the dirt will take its place. You may find difficulty in removing it, and color may come out if you try to remove it with force. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the dirt from your car with a cloth immediately. Moreover, throw the cloth in the garbage can, or it will give rise to many diseases. Keep a carport cover with you to save your car from such cases.

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Scraping The Paint

When birds eat something, it might contain gravel. This may go into the body with the food. During the digestion and excretion process, the gravel content is also out. Therefore, the bird dropping can have gravel in it. If this remains for a certain time, the gravel will stick to the body of your car. At the time when you would remove, you might face difficulty as it may scrape the paint and also the underlying foundation of the paint. You can consider steel carports or any other type of carport to prevent this damage, as you have multiple options when it comes to carport design.


Scratching The Glass

As the whole car is exposed to the sun, therefore, bird poop can drop anywhere. This reason is why investing in steel carports is crucial. If the dropping comes on the windshield, you might need to remove it with care. In most cases, the wiper of your car is used, which may scratch the windscreen glass. If you put water and then try to remove, this may embed the dirt all over the screen. This may make the glass invisible, and driving may become impossible.


After looking at these damages, using metal sheds in your garage has become a must. However, the carport design would contribute a lot to the safety of your vehicle. Lets get estimate today, call or drop us a line.

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