How expensive is to purchase a carport?

How expensive is to purchase a carport?

Can a carport project be expensive? 

A garage is a renovation investment. Why so? A car garage is not only there to protect your car but also complement your house. It adds value to your property. It is multi-purpose, can be used to as a fresco dining area if needed. If you do not have enough money for a garage, a cheap carport  is your alternative, especially a DIY carport. A carport can either be expensive or cheaper depending on the following factors;

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Materials for the carport

You can either use wood or metal. Wood is most recommended for DIY carport projects. It is more affordable and easy to cut and shape than metal carports.

However, wood can rot if not well taken care of. On the other side, metal is more durable, lighter in weight and experts recommend it. Professionals prefer steel and aluminum. They do not break nor chip or split like wood, neither do they rot or affected by mold. Their only disadvantage is that they require more manpower than wood, installation takes more time than wood. Unfortunately, they are more expensive than wood.

Style of the carport

The type of style you choose for your carport will determine the amount of money you are likely to spend. The styles include vertical, boxed eave and regular style. The three styles vary in prices.  Regular is a cheap carport style, it requires no trims on the eaves or ridge cap followed by boxed eave then vertical style is the most costly. In order to make the roof sheeting go up and down, roof cross bracing have to be attached underneath the roof to attach the roof sheeting

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Size, location of the carport

A carport can be simple or complex. If you have more than one car, a double carport is the most preferred. You will not construct a big one then not use it. However, looking at the future, you might want to own an extra car or truck. Therefore, you need to build a wide carport that will accommodate your cars. The size of the carport, its length and height of a double carport will require more steel increasing the carport prices. A less attractive carport reduces the value of your home. When you intend to sell your home, the value of the money you saved to build the carport will cost you much more when selling the house. Therefore, however simple your carport, you can opt to spend extra to make it appealing. For instance powder coated kits come in a variety of colors.

You may want to consider putting down a concrete slab to level your ground. They are sturdy and durable. However, you will need to consult an expert, buy concrete and pay the expert to level the slab. Concrete is more flexible in case you will need to set up a full garage in the future.

Some people opt to use cheap carport , such as conopy  carports, although they are temporary.

In conclusion, you as the individual will determine whether constructing DIY carport is cheap or expensive.



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  1. Sahara Lawrence

    I want a carport made with canvas and medal. How much is the carport?

    1. mariusz

      We provide carport services based of the aluminum framing and a polycarbonate roof panels. If yo are interested in those please call Us directly, based of the size we will provide a quotation.

      Thank you

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