Carports Kailua Kona

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Carports Kailua Kona – We are here to help and protect!

carports hawaii in Kailua Kona, picture of single aluminum carport installation
We are here in the Beautiful Kailua Kona to protect and help with your carports or patio projects

Finally,  there is a solution for your carport project in Kailua Kona Hawaii. Summer is coming very rapidly. The temperatures will rise to over a 100 degrees. Are you ready to deal with this heat for another seazon? We have a new but proves solution for a effective weather protection. You probably asking same question as everyone else. What is possible, do i need to build actual garage? Shall I consider cheap online store fabric tents? They are the option, but only to those who seek temporary solution. Those cheeper options usually das not last long, also the do not add value to your property.

If you are are serious about a protection, quality and a stylish solution – the answer is only one. Lets build anew modern Aluminum polycarbonate carport. The materials which are used for the structure are virtually unbreakable, last very long time. They definitely add value to your property and creating perfect hide away space with many options.

We all know how hot and unforgiving Big Island sun can be. Lets protect your possession so will last years to come. Having carports Kailua kona, makes great addition to your Hawaii residence.


And always remember those harmfull effect of the  sun exposure:

  • Heat Rash – A heat rash is a skin rash that occurs when sweat ducts trap perspiration under the skin.
  • Skin Cancer – Because the sun damage to the skin develops over years, the older you are, the greater the risk of developing skin cancer
  • Wrinkles/Aging – We associate wrinkles with aging, but sun exposure is a significant factor in their development and how early they appear.
  •  Sun Damage to the Eyes – Long-term, unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the retina, which is the back of the eye where the rods and cones make visual images, which are then sent to the visual centers in the brain
  • Heat Exhaustion – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heat exhaustion is the body’s response to excessive loss of water and salt, usually through excessive sweating.


Order your carport Today or schedule a consultation!



How expensive is to purchase a carport?

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Can a carport project be expensive? 

A garage is a renovation investment. Why so? A car garage is not only there to protect your car but also complement your house. It adds value to your property. It is multi-purpose, can be used to as a fresco dining area if needed. If you do not have enough money for a garage, a cheap carport  is your alternative, especially a DIY carport. A carport can either be expensive or cheaper depending on the following factors;

We have an extensive selection of aluminum carports for sale, on stock, ready to ship

Materials for the carport

You can either use wood or metal. Wood is most recommended for DIY carport projects. It is more affordable and easy to cut and shape than metal carports.

However, wood can rot if not well taken care of. On the other side, metal is more durable, lighter in weight and experts recommend it. Professionals prefer steel and aluminum. They do not break nor chip or split like wood, neither do they rot or affected by mold. Their only disadvantage is that they require more manpower than wood, installation takes more time than wood. Unfortunately, they are more expensive than wood.

Style of the carport

The type of style you choose for your carport will determine the amount of money you are likely to spend. The styles include vertical, boxed eave and regular style. The three styles vary in prices.  Regular is a cheap carport style, it requires no trims on the eaves or ridge cap followed by boxed eave then vertical style is the most costly. In order to make the roof sheeting go up and down, roof cross bracing have to be attached underneath the roof to attach the roof sheeting

Be smart and choose a perfect size and style. Great selection of aluminum colors and polycarbonate panels.

Size, location of the carport

A carport can be simple or complex. If you have more than one car, a double carport is the most preferred. You will not construct a big one then not use it. However, looking at the future, you might want to own an extra car or truck. Therefore, you need to build a wide carport that will accommodate your cars. The size of the carport, its length and height of a double carport will require more steel increasing the carport prices. A less attractive carport reduces the value of your home. When you intend to sell your home, the value of the money you saved to build the carport will cost you much more when selling the house. Therefore, however simple your carport, you can opt to spend extra to make it appealing. For instance powder coated kits come in a variety of colors.

You may want to consider putting down a concrete slab to level your ground. They are sturdy and durable. However, you will need to consult an expert, buy concrete and pay the expert to level the slab. Concrete is more flexible in case you will need to set up a full garage in the future.

Some people opt to use cheap carport , such as conopy  carports, although they are temporary.

In conclusion, you as the individual will determine whether constructing DIY carport is cheap or expensive.



What determines a metal carport prices?

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What determines metal carport prices?

There are several different solutions to your storage and garage needs. However, with the shape of the economy, most people just cannot afford to experiment too much and find out which kind of garage may be suitable for their particular needs. Fortunately, there are some different kinds of practical options that are not only budget friendly, but are also achievable in a reasonable time frame, and this comes in the form of a metal carport. These structures are durable, affordable and are available on the market to not only keep your car safe, but also keep your equipment protected. How do you know the exact carport prices? Here are three factors that determine metal carport prices.


The size of the carports you purchase will impact the metal carport prices more than anything else. Obviously, you do not want to buy a carport too big for what you intend on using it. However, you might also want to look into the future to see if there’s a chance that you might purchase an extra vehicle, boat, farm equipment or bigger vehicle or motor home. You will need first to determine how wide you require the carport to be.

typical single carport size is a 10 x 18 feet

In regards to the size of the unit, length, height and the greater the span, normally requires more steel thereby increasing the carport prices. The addition of options may also determine the price. Take for instance, if gables are added, these materials could increase the price.

Type of carport 

What carport style you choose, will determine carport price. The styles are vertical, boxed eave and regular style. The vertical carport is costly, but it is certainly the strongest of the three carports. The boxed eave and vertical style look similar except the roof on the vertical carport is up and down, allowing snow to slide off the roof. The regular carport style has no trim on your eaves, purlins or ridge cap, making it an inexpensive option.

If you know you will never put up a garage, it is possible to add a metal carport over grass. A foundation that’s non-concrete is also a good place to add a carport.

Carport location 

Your carport’s location has to be level, convenient to park your vehicle and also protected from the elements. Many carports are set up on top of concrete slabs. Apart from being sturdy, concrete slabs provide you with more flexibility later on in case you decide to install a full garage. Obviously, if you do not have a concrete base at your home, your final carport prices might just increase. You will probably need to pay a concrete expert to excavate the land, deliver concrete and also level the slab.


A metal carport is a fast solution to offer shelter for your vehicles or your daily driver. Customizable and affordable, most people choose these rather than constructing a full-fledged garage. Whether it will be your long-term garage/workshop, or it’s a temporary storage while a “real” garage is being set up, it has you covered!

For more information about our metal carport prices, please contact us today!

Why do you build a metal carport?

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Do you really need a metal carport?

When you have a valuable asset such as a boat or car that you want covered and protect from the extreme outdoor conditions, then you need to install a carport. While it is important to protect your beloved ride, there are lots of other great reasons to build a carport, to be exact a metal carport. You can find ready-made types installed by companies, or purchase DIY carport kit.

The best carport solutions Aluminum carports, DIY carport kits or full installation services.

Use of the metal carport

You can use a carport in various ways. For example, you might want to change it into space for outdoor exercises. Putting a rowing machine, weight bench, or treadmill underneath your carport immediately transforms it into a convenient spot to workout. Or you can decorate your carport for a backyard get together with friends. Under the protection of a carport, the party can continue even if it starts raining.
A carport is also a good area to enjoy the warm afternoon breezes, listen to music, or just sit and read in the shade. You can get creative and make your own pallet chairs or purchase some cheap, comfortable outdoor furniture for the area. It will not take long for you to make your carport into a vacation spot that isn’t too far away from home.

Shelter for equipment and vehicles

You can also have a metal carport that offers shelter for your boat or RV. Maybe you have farm equipment like a tractor, a horse trailer, or other huge items that require protection from the outside weather. They are available in different sizes that allow you to accommodate several pieces of equipment or vehicles.

Enhance your property’s appearance

A carport has to enhance the appearance of your property and also serve a practical purpose. Once you buy a metal carport, you can select a regular, vertical, or boxed-eave style for the structure. You might want to select a design that matches with the shed, roof of your house, or other structures on your property. Carports also come in a range of attractive colors. You can customize your carport so that it suits the unique vision you have for your property.

Build your own carport

As soon as you place an order for your carport, the seller can deliver and assemble it for you. However, what if you’re somebody who really likes building? Carport kits are offered for sale as well, which makes the process easier for somebody who wants to build a carport. When you select to build a carport, the seller can bring the kit and allow you to deal with the rest.Metal is usually a low-maintenance choice.
This is because it is far not as likely to be affected by the elements like a carport made of wood. Regardless of your choice we have it all, build a carport, purchase a DIY carport kit or let Us do it.

You will not worry about rotting boards or even repainting to keep it looking new. We make it easy for you to place your order online 24/7, and we also provide our customers delivery and installation. Contact us today to discuss plans for your brand new carport with our experienced staff.

Harmful Effects of Birds Droppings

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Lets get Covered! carports, patios, pool enclosure, aluminum structures
Shaine car paint due to a secure location under a aluminum patio from

Whenever you take your car out of the garage, it is exposed to some of the hazards that may damage the paint and the outer body of your car. The most common issues are acid rain, battery acid, road stone, and insects. However, one hazard that is harmful and messy is birds dropping. Every time bird droppings fall on your car, they bring some negative effects with them. Therefore, it is better to install steel carports or aluminum carport for the protection of your car. The right carport design will offer sufficient protection to your beloved ride. Let’s have a look at some of the damages which bird dropping does to your car:

carport, steel carport, aluminum carport, carport design, birds dropping
Guanine (G) purine nucleobase molecule. Base present in DNA and RNA. Skeletal formula. Not the stuff you need on your car?!


Discolor the paint due to a birds dropping….

Birds dropping can discolor the paint of your car due to the uric acid content that is present in it. If it remains on the car body, the dirt will take its place. You may find difficulty in removing it, and color may come out if you try to remove it with force. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the dirt from your car with a cloth immediately. Moreover, throw the cloth in the garbage can, or it will give rise to many diseases. Keep a carport cover with you to save your car from such cases.

carport, steel carport, aluminum carport, carport design, birds dropping

Scraping The Paint

When birds eat something, it might contain gravel. This may go into the body with the food. During the digestion and excretion process, the gravel content is also out. Therefore, the bird dropping can have gravel in it. If this remains for a certain time, the gravel will stick to the body of your car. At the time when you would remove, you might face difficulty as it may scrape the paint and also the underlying foundation of the paint. You can consider steel carports or any other type of carport to prevent this damage, as you have multiple options when it comes to carport design.


Scratching The Glass

As the whole car is exposed to the sun, therefore, bird poop can drop anywhere. This reason is why investing in steel carports is crucial. If the dropping comes on the windshield, you might need to remove it with care. In most cases, the wiper of your car is used, which may scratch the windscreen glass. If you put water and then try to remove, this may embed the dirt all over the screen. This may make the glass invisible, and driving may become impossible.


After looking at these damages, using metal sheds in your garage has become a must. However, the carport design would contribute a lot to the safety of your vehicle. Lets get estimate today, call or drop us a line.

carport, steel carport, aluminum carport, carport design, birds dropping
Paint job can cost over a $5000 – are you ready for it? Better solution