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Materials and Safety

Carports Hawaii  are safe and sturdy structures with pre-cut panels ready for assembly. They feature 1.8mm solid polycarbonate roof panels made from 100% virgin Bayer Material and UV protection film.

The solid polycarbonate panel protects cars, yacht or vehicles from hailstones, rain and ultraviolet radiation. It is strong, impact resistant and shatterproof with coextruded anti-yellowing, making Hawaii carports a perfect choice for outdoor protection.

The structure of these metal carports is mainly high grade aluminum 6065. Every carport has a rust resistant and strong structure, hence the ability to withstand extremely heavy weight and high speed wind.

Main Features

– Strong Wind Resistance – up to 60 mph

– Impact Resistant. Gives protection against impact from rocks or other materials

– The surface that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. We use specially treated alloy surface

– 200 times stronger than glass

– Polycarbonate Materials that use co-extrusion process to add UV Stabilization as well as heat insulation

– Well-built Structure that ensures efficient drainage system with built-in gutter and easy installation of pipes

– Strengthened load bearing capability with no chance of deformation.

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