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Carports Buyers Guide

Before you start to search for a carport vendor and installer, you should know what size of carports you require and what style you’re searching for. Carports are available in various materials and designs and fall into two major categories: those that you can attach to your property and freestanding ones. Attached carports can be made to lean-to a building or cantilevered from the main structure.
Aluminum, Metal, Wood, single or double. Many carports to choose from
What kind of carport Do I Need? We have all the answers

Sizes, styles and material

There is a wide selection of materials used in carports building. These materials are aluminum, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), wood, PVC, and steel. When made properly and constructed of quality materials, a carport will need minimal maintenance and will maintain its look for many years. If you’re considering constructing a carport, then you have to think about how it may affect your property’s look and how this might improve or lower its value. How do you make sure that your Carport does not decrease the value of your property? A well-designed and built Carport has to complement the aesthetic of your property. It also needs to be sturdy and constructed from high-quality materials. If attached to your house, it should be fixed professionally and securely.Carports that are not appealing or otherwise don’t improve the appearance of your property or give your car adequate cover. Low-quality materials may actually decrease the value of your property since they might degrade fast and need a lot more maintenance. You might find yourself having to replace a poor quality carport a lot sooner than expected. Choosing something inexpensive could turn out costing you a lot more ultimately.


Carports can either be wall mounted or be free-standing structures, either as a lean-to or as a cantilever structure. You can also find carports that you can remove and relocate to another area. When you’re planning the style of Carport that you require, think of more than just the vehicle. You can sometimes use the space as a covered relaxation and outdoor entertainment space. You can also intend ever to do vehicle maintenance beneath the carport and so on.


This type of carport is attached to the wall of a structure (at the highest point of the carport’s roof). It is also reinforced on the ground either using posts or other supports. These carports are often the cheapest designs. They also permit greater protection from the outside weather when vehicle occupants are moving from the vehicle to the house.

Cantilevered Carports 

Cantilevered Carports are only supported by the wall to which they are attached. There are supports on the edge furthest from the building. For this reason, they need more design work and planning which include snow load, load and wind calculations. This might need the help of a structural engineer who might rule a cantilevered carport out as a choice where average wind speeds, foundation strength or wall thickness are a concern.

Freestanding Carports 

These are the most flexible and versatile designs. You do not need to place them up against or fix to a supporting wall. But since they require supports on all four sides, they are usually the priciest designs.


People with a higher budget to play with might wish to think of getting an architect design a customized carport to complement their property. Engaging an architect might also be beneficial if you intend to integrate a room above your carport. They can help you make the most use of the available space. The right architect can also advise you with regards to relevant planning consents.

Other designs to consider 

Your Carport’s style has to fit in with the architectural style of your home, in some instances, can be strikingly different. For example, a modern car structure positioned against an older property can offer a picturesque contrast. Some vendors will have software that lets you mock up how the carport will appear when attached to your house.

Materials – Framework 

The frame of your carport, as well as the material used in its construction, will impact how long it will last and how good it appears on your property. You will find a wide variety of materials used in carport building. You should spend time thinking about which one will make a durable and appealing addition to your property without paying too much. We have the answer to why you shall build a metal carport.


Due to its mass production, PVC is a quite inexpensive material. When properly fixed, it can continue looking great for a long time. It also needs little maintenance. But it does come with its drawbacks. PVC can expand and contract significantly in cold or hot weather, which means that if not fixed properly, leaks may open up between the roof panels and the frame. It can also stain in extreme sunlight though many installers can reduce this by painting a special covering onto the material.


Aluminum is a good option for an outdoor project, not only in the posts and beams but also as a good option for brackets. Here are some reasons why aluminum is an appealing alternative to steel and timber:

Light Weight – This material is lightweight, which makes it more environment friendly than heavier metals. It produces fewer transport emissions and it’s also simpler to move around. It is also easier to deal with on-site resulting in even less disruption.

High strength – Aluminum is a strong material. We use the strongest T6 grade structural aluminum to construct our simplicity carports.

Created in many shapes – You can easily create many shapes. This minimizes the need to have a lot of different parts of one structure. This will make the system stronger and makes installation time faster, once more leading to less disruption to you.

Aluminum will not corrode or rot –It’s naturally covered using a protective oxide film but; it can be protected more using finishes like electroplating and anodizing.

 Recyclable – You can recycle Aluminiun time and again without weakening or losing any of its benefits.

 Long Life Expectancy – Many aluminum carports lasts for 25 years or longer since they are not prone to corrosion.

Available finishes – Aluminum is naturally coated with an oxide film to protect it from corrosion. It can be further protected by additional finishes like anodizing, liquid paint, polyester powder coating, and electroplating.

Seamless build – You can use Aluminum to make complex shapes, from a single extruded piece, without the need to join several pieces together. This will make the aluminum parts much more strong.

Maintenance – Aluminum doesn’t need as much maintenance as compared to other materials. It will look great for years with only the minimal repainting.

Fire Resistant – Aluminum won’t burn, and it will not generate toxic fumes, even when it’s introduced to very high temperatures.



Steal is one of the strongest materials used in carport building. Steel lets you install big and appealing cantilevered structures that will last for a long time. However, it is one of the most costly materials used for constructing carports. You need to treat steel before you install it to prevent rust. This is often done either by offering it a professional powder coat or galvanizing it. As soon as it is installed, you should continuously maintain it to prevent it from rusting and looking rundown. This might include an extensive repaint once every couple of years, which adds to the cost of the structure in the long run.


Wood is the most eco-friendly choice of material for your Carport since it is a natural, renewable product. Wood can also be an economical choice. There are several factors to think about before you select a timber carport. Softwood is the most affordable choice; however, it should be treated to protect against rotting. There’s also the risk of bending, warping or splitting if not installed correctly. Hardwoods, like oak, are an excellent option but will be very costly. Once more, it is a more costly option. Constructing from timber provides a lot of design flexibility. You can use wood to construct Lean-to carports against an existing wall, or your house. However, timber stands out when it comes to freestanding designs; the choices are endless. You can also add bays to the design, which allows space for 3 to 4 vehicles. Timber carports are especially appealing choices for listed or historic properties, especially those in a countryside setting since they are likely to complement the existing architecture. Building a timber carport also unlocks other possibilities. It allows you to build a room in an enclosed bay next to the carport or in the roof area above the car parking space. This additional area will make a perfect useful extra storage, studio, home office or guest room.

Materials – roofing panels 

When it comes to the materials used in the frame, it is important that you choose the right roofing panel materials. They should resist the elements and not degrade or crack in either very hot or freezing weather.


Carports can also be available in polycarbonate panels as a roof. Since Polycarbonate is an extremely versatile material, you can customize it to your precise requirements. It can have a colored cast added, be translucent or opaque. The material is also strong and can withstand impact from debris falling from roofs. It might be a great material to select if you reside in an area prone to high winds. While high-priced than glass reinforced plastic (GRP), polycarbonate can be an extremely affordable material. It will still maintain its clean look over time thanks to its incredible durability. It reflects heat more efficiently compared to glass reinforced plastic or glass. This means that it will be cooler to sit beneath during hot sunny weather. The material resists UV rays and high weather, which means that maintenance, will be little and it will maintain a clean look for a long time.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) 

It’s the most popular material that is used in roofing panels in cantilevered carports that are attached to the house or other structure on your property. It’s usually known as fiber glass. Glass reinforced plastic is a laminated composite made up of countless glass fibers bound in a polyester resin and is lightweight and extremely strong. There are several benefits of selecting glass reinforced plastic over other materials. The panels in your carport will resemble glass and can either be opaque or translucent. A wide variety of colors are available. It’s versatile, and it can feature a special coating applied that will shield it from UV rays and prevent degradation and perishing. The downsides of glass reinforced plastic are that despite a protective coating, some fading and staining from sunlight can still take place. The material comes with a lifespan of only ten years or so. Its rough surface might make it hard to keep clean and need more maintenance compared to other, costlier, materials.


A traditional material which, as long as it’s clean, will look great for many years. Glass is great acoustically, which means that even with heavy rain falling on it, the material will make less noise. Its clean finish looks great provided that you keep it clear of mold and debris. But, glass is heavier compared to polycarbonate andGRP and so might be unsuitable if you intend to install a lightweight frame. It is also easier to break, especially in times of high wind when roof tiles may get dislodged and fall on it. That might result in safety problems for people close by or beneath. Glass is also costly, unlike other roof panel materials. It might need the expertise of a professional to install it.


Based on what material you select, some carports are available in a variety of colors. If you want your carport to match the color of your property, a colored design might be a more suitable addition. Some vendors let you match the carports finish to that of your home with specific tactics used to simulate stone, metal or wood grains finishes. Please check of what you will need a cover for today🙂
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