Single is Simple!

The most popular and affordable carport we provide is a Single Aluminum Carport. This free-standing structure can be placed away from the house or set as an attachment to existing stracture.

The undoubted benefits of this unit is a cost and installation time. In many cases, this can be installed within one day. 

These structures are generally available on the stack and do not need an extra shipping cost associated with your purchase.

The original size of this unit is 18 feet long by the 10n feet wide, with the height adjustable from 6 to 12 feet.

A single aluminum carport is made out of High Strenght Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6. The aluminum surface finish is cerated by powder coating, electrophoresis, or anodizing. 

Roof panels are made of the Polycarbonate panels 2mm thick, which have a 98% UVA/UVB resistance and Heat resistance up to 70%.

Another benefit of the Single Aluminum Carport is his ability to connect and create a multi-car structure that allows expending your cover parking space.

single aluminum carport

Modern Design

Modern and stylish aluminum design, available four colors to choose from.

Rustproof materials

High Strenght Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6. The aluminum surface finish is cerated by powder coating, electrophoresis, or anodizing

98% UVA/UVB resistance

It creates a safe environment without the harmful effects of a sunrays. 

Up to 70% heat resistant

Really COOL feature!

Ads value to your property

Most helpful and profitable upgrade of any Hawaiian residence.


One Day Installation

…in most cases, unless we are having really bad day:)

$ 5500

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Structure Configurator

Know your options!

The first step is to estimate the size of your structure, it needs to suit your requirements and to be within your budget. You pay per square foot.

We custom build everything, with couple of different styles available you need to determine which style will complement your house the most.

  • curved edge
  • straight roof free standing
  • half round
  • round

  • white
  • champagne
  • coffee brown
  • black

The tint options to choose from are the following

  • dark gray
  • smoke gray
  • transparent

All of the colors provide the same 98% UVA/UVB protection.

Based off of the structures different installation options may be necessary. There are free standing structures, house attached and wall attached options available. Most of those aspects will be known after the site assessment. Some solutions may require additional installation fees.

Your structure cost depends of the square footage and some installation options. You can estimate your price based off of our price chart. The final price will be disclosed after the site assessment.

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